Steve Lane

@ Digital 1 Media Services

With over 18 years’ experience in the music industry, Steve Lane currently serves as the CEO of Digital 1 Media Services Inc. In 2015, he launched Digital 1 Media Services, a first-class platform whereby film makers, artistes and labels, could access the most advanced processes and technologies in film and music distribution, and the administration of music-publishing.

Prior to launching this company, he served as the President of LGN Entertainment and Veal-Steen Music Publishing, respectively. The former controls the master rights to, and offers a catalog of over 150,000 (One hundred and fifty thousand) songs; whereas the latter is responsible for publishing said catalog. Steve’s successes are far-reaching, and include a partnership with Bayside Distribution a major distribution company owned by retail giant, Tower Records. LGN was signed to this company (Bayside Distribution), through which over 50 (fifty) labels were distributed. Steve’s global cultural orientation, has led to him securing international sub-publishing agreements with France, Scandinavia, Israel, Africa, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, China, Japan and Italy. He has also built a strong network that allows him to collect foreign royalties and exploit Digital 1 Media Services’ catalog.

His technical skills are bolstered by his extensive knowledge of music publishing, digital distribution, music licensing and Bricks & Mortar retail sales. Outside of the technical arena, he oversees day-to-day business operations, and explores opportunities in the catalog, including synchronization licenses for movies, television, commercials and video game placements. He also seeks out opportunities for publishing.