Aaron Johnson

@ Motivaltional Speaker & Award Winning Filmmaker

Driven. Focused. Motivated. These words are synonymous with high achievers, but they are just the tip of the iceberg in describing Aaron Johnson. A child prodigy by the age of 9-years-old, his quest to build a media empire encompasses everything from shooting movies to editing them. Born and raised in Miami, FL, the city’s cultural diversities has laid the foundation for Aaron’s artistic proclivities and powerful creations. With a love for telling stories and a plethora of resources to pull from in South Beach, he finds spontaneous inspiration from his surroundings on a daily basis. Making films that impact the minds and emotions of his viewers, his influential style of moviemaking is a visual representation of the talents he has honed over the years. His first professional project, Lost, which he crafted at the age of the 13-years-old, opened to rave reviews in AMC Theatres during the Wide-Screen Film & Music Festival with over 500 people in attendance. A go-getter for sure, Aaron is serious when it comes to his career, dreams, and goals. With a growing fan base of loyal supporters, his vision is to leave a lasting legacy that changes the worlds of individuals through his ability to live out his passions by way of his gifts. Aaron believes that you are never too young to pursue your purpose. “You are the only person that can stop you from achieving that goal or that dream.” Johnson’s objectives extend beyond establishing himself as a media mogul. He understands the importance of giving back. Aaron plans to mentor filmmakers through a training program for youth that empowers them to follow their passions, just as he was able to follow his six years ago. Aaron has a heart for story telling and has parlayed that ability into a niche in the entertainment industry. With a work ethic that keeps him creating constantly, he is a rising star with no sigh of tiring in sight.